Northshore District Nurses Association
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Our Purpose

We are a group of leaders dedicated to the advancement
of the nursing profession.
It is the mission of NDNA to support the mission of LSNA, encourage membership in the association, promote member participation and keep district members informed.

For Registered Nurses to recognize the value of membership

Autonomy –  To maintain the self-governance of professional nursing     
LeadershipTo promote the role of RNs in healthcare decision making  
Integrity –    To uphold the standards of professional nursing
                      practice, code of ethics and trustworthiness of the

Value –        To promote the impact and contributions of nursing
Empowerment – To support the development of members



Listed below are the organizational objectives that guide strategic planning:  

Develop and promote strategies to recruit/retain members

Develop strategies to promote nursing as a career and encourage student nurse participation/membership in the district nurses association

Generate funds for operation and oversee expenditure

Maintain the processes of nominations, bylaws, parliamentary procedure and archives

Develop programs to meet the needs of the organization

Implement an effective program of communication and organizational publicity

Provide opportunities for Nurses to give back to the community individually and/or collectively as an organization  
2019  -   Board of Directors
                  2019 Officers:
     President:                      Georgia Johnson
     Vice President:              Jonell King
     Treasurer:                     Allison Maestri
     Secretary:                     Terry Joseph

     Transition:                     Willa Stewart
     Operations:                   Angela Totora
     Publicity:                       Doraine Woods
     Programming:               Kay Sabadie
     Community Service:       Janice Taulli-Lassiagne
     At-Large:                      Janice Augustine