Northshore District Nurses Association
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LSNA membership provides the following benefits:​​

Representation - local, state and national level; state lobbyist
Information - website, Pelican News, member alerts
Protection - Nurse Practice Act, nursing autonomy, advanced practice
Promotion -image of nursing,  code of ethics, standards of practice
Education - maintain CE Provider Certification,CE programs, Nurse Day
​Support - LASN, LSBN, LNF, LAC, Nightingale Awards
Development - personal, professional,  leadership, career
Discounts - CE registration, certification, insurance plans, car rental, products

Don't ask what the association does for you, ........... ask what you can do for the association.

​​Did you choose nursing just for a job or do you consider nursing a career? Membership is a professional responsibility that provides personal benefits and supports the future of nursing.

Are you interested in the following ?

  • Networking with colleagues
  • Participating on a choice of several committees
  • Developing leadership skills as an officer or director
  • ​Remaining abreast of activities at local facilities​
  • Recognizing outstanding nursing contributions
  • Marketing, promotions, recruitment
  • Transition of students and new graduates, mentoring
  • Promoting professional nursing as a career
  • Utilizing social media to advance the association
  • Developing education programs, acquiring CE approval
  • Organizing community events, promoting volunteerism
  • ​Coordinating fund raising activities/events
  • Participating on a speaker’s bureau
  Active participation in NDNA provides these opportunities

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